Sober Group is committed to assisting individuals and families in their efforts to overcome alcohol and substance misuse by providing comprehensive support and guidance to those seeking a healthier, addiction-free way of life.

Our referral services connect individuals with individualized treatment programs and professional interventions that are tailored to their specific requirements and circumstances. We recognize the significance of holistic support, and our referrals include a vast array of resources that incorporate both individual and family interventions, ensuring that all aspects of the recovery process are considered and addressed.

In addition to treatment and intervention resources, Sober Group connects individuals with sober-friendly living environments. Our referrals include a variety of sober living options designed to empower individuals to focus on their well-being and personal development.

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Control Drinking Control Drinking
Those seeking to regain control of their drinking habits will find Sober Group's extensive referral network to be an invaluable resource.

While Sober Group does not provide direct therapy services, it specializes in connecting individuals with competent professionals who can guide them through reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption.

In addition,Sober Group confidently integrates people with the appropriate support systems and services, empowering them to take command of their lives and make enduring changes, thanks to their industry expertise and established relationships.
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Intervention Intervention
Although Sober Group does not directly provide therapy services, their expertise rests in identifying and recommending the industry's top intervention specialists.

The extensive Intervention referral network of Sober Group is essential for connecting individuals and families in need of intervention services with professional assistance.

By leveraging their strong connections in the field, Sober Group ensures that those seeking help for themselves or their loved ones are directed to qualified professionals who can effectively address addiction and promote a positive path to recovery.
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Sober Living Sober Living
Transitioning to stable living can be a difficult and crucial phase of the recovery process. The referral network of Sober Group is committed to assisting individuals in locating sober living environments that meet their specific requirements.

Sober Group's industry knowledge enables them to link individuals with reputable sober living facilities and support services, even though they do not offer professional therapeutic services. Sober Group facilitates more straightforward transitions into a new sober lifestyle by providing these vital connections.
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