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DEA May Limit Access to Buprenorphine

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  • DEA May Limit Access to Buprenorphine

    REALLY? –

    May 2, 2023 – Since 2020, the federal government allowed telehealth providers to prescribe the medication without a medical visit to ensure people could still get it during lockdowns and reduce exposure to COVID. The DEA, which regulates controlled substances such as buprenorphine, said the in-person visit is a necessary compromise that would allow people to still get the medication from a telehealth provider while reducing the likelihood buprenorphine is diverted for illicit purposes. In its proposed rule, the agency argues doctors also can order tests such as drug and toxicology screens and check for infectious diseases such as hepatitis.
    The DEA has said will consider the more than 2,900 public comments as the agency drafts final regulations. The agency has not announced when it will release final rules, expected after the public health emergency ends May 11.

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