“I’m Mattman.” Matthew Perry’s last public words.

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    • Apr 2023
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    “I’m Mattman.” Matthew Perry’s last public words.


    Nov. 7, 2023 – Perry pictured himself playing the lead, but was flexible in terms of whether it should be a movie or a series. McKay countered with his own idea — something less high-concept but no less autobiographical.
    “My idea was just to do a show about being this incredibly popular, well-known TV guy who’s dealing with addiction,” McKay says. “Because the world has changed. You could actually do that show now. Ten years ago, people would have said you’re crazy. But now people can be more upfront about their mental health issues, their addiction issues, and it’s kind of wonderful.”
    “Why don’t we just do a show that’s a fictional version of what you’ve struggled with,” he pressed on with his pitch to Perry. “The idea that everywhere you go, people yell your catchphrases, a little bit of your past, the addiction, what it’s like, because everyone views you through this lens of this cheery, bright, multicolored show. And then, meanwhile, you’re a human being who’s dealing with real addiction, real pain. It could be an incredible show. It could be really funny. It could really affect people’s lives.”

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